Show simple item record Maekawa, Claudio Masumi Rodriguez, Marcos Cardoso 2011-09-23T02:26:27Z 2011-09-23T02:26:27Z 2008
dc.identifier.citation MAEKAWA, C. M.; RODRIGUEZ, M. C. Radiative mechanism to light fermion masses in the MSSM. The journal of high energy physics, v. 08, p. 1-22, 2008. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 19 set. 2011. pt_BR
dc.description.abstract In a previous work we applied a discrete symmetry (Z′ 2 ) in order to light fermions acquire mass only at one loop level. This symmetry and the assumption of alignment between fermions and sfermions allow us to avoid FCNC problems. Here a more general hypothesis of flavor mixing in the sfermion sector of MSSM is considered and we show that the s quark is heavier than u, d quarks due to different content of sfermions contributions. Our results are in agreement with the experimental constraint on the values of sfermions masses. pt_BR
dc.language.iso eng pt_BR
dc.rights restrict access pt_BR
dc.subject Supersymmetry phenomenology pt_BR
dc.subject Supersymmetric effective theories pt_BR
dc.title Radiative mechanism to light fermion masses in the MSSM pt_BR
dc.type article pt_BR

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