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  • Soares, Daniela Fernandes Ramos; Leitão, Gilda Guimarães; Costa, Fernanda das Neves; Abreu, Lisandra Ferreira de; Villarreal, Javier Vargas; Leitão, Suzana Guimarães; Fernández, Salvador Luis Said y; Silva, Pedro Eduardo Almeida da (2008)
    Thirty-six plant extracts from the brazilian Atlantic Forest were tested for their antimycobacterial activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv and M. kansasii, using the method REMA in seriate concentrations of 100 ...
  • Leitão, Gilda Guimarães; Abreu, Lisandra Ferreira de; Costa, Fernanda das Neves; Brum, Thiago Braga; Soares, Daniela Fernandes Ramos; Silva, Pedro Eduardo Almeida da; Lourenço, Maria Cristina Silva; Leitão, Suzana Guimarães (2008)
    High speed countercurrent chromatography (HSCCC) was used to isolate the dammarane type triterpene shoreic acid from the dichloromethane extract of leaves of Cabralea canjerana, which showed activity against Mycobacterium ...

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