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  • Leão, Joao Rodrigo Souza; Hepp, Patrícia; Leitherer, Claus (2009)
    We present the first results of a Spitzer Space Telescope survey of 28 LIRGs and ULIRGs. We used infrared emission lines to separeate AGN and starburst powered systems. We find strong evidence that the incidence of nuclear ...
  • Leitherer, Claus; Leão, Joao Rodrigo Souza; Heckman, Timothy Martin; Lennon, Daniel J.; Pettini, Max; Robert, Carmelle (2001)
    We present synthetic ultraviolet spectra of metal-poor star-forming galaxies that were calculated with the Starburst99 package. A new spectral library was generated from Hubble Space Telescope observations of O stars in ...

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