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  • Klaich, Matias Javier; Kinas, Paul Gerhard; Pedraza, Susana; Coscarella, Mariano; Crespo, Enrique (2011)
    In animal behaviour studies, association indices estimate the proportion of time two individuals (i.e. a dyad) spend in association. In terms of dyads, all association indices can be interpreted as estimators of the ...
  • Secchi, Eduardo Resende; Ott, Paulo Henrique; Crespo, Enrique; Kinas, Paul Gerhard; Pedraza, Susana; Bordino, Pablo (2001)
    The franciscana, Pontoporia blainvillei, is endemic to the western South Atlantic Ocean and is perhaps one of the most threatened small cetacean species in this region. This paper presents a first abundance estimate for ...

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