Show simple item record Maekawa, Claudio Masumi 2011-09-23T02:38:10Z 2011-09-23T02:38:10Z 2007
dc.identifier.citation MAEKAWA, C. M. Few body system and parity violation in ChPT. Nuclear physics A, v. 790, p. 352c-355c, 2007. Disponível em: <> Acesso em: 19 set. 2011. pt_BR
dc.description.abstract The Parity Violated Nucleon-Nucleon Potential (PVNN) is evaluated in the framework of Chiral Perturbation Theory (ChPT) in order to reduce theoretical uncertainties. Here I present a summary of the main results. pt_BR
dc.language.iso eng pt_BR
dc.rights restrict access pt_BR
dc.subject Parity Violated Nucleon-Nucleon Potential pt_BR
dc.subject Chiral Perturbation Theory pt_BR
dc.title Few body system and parity violation in ChPT pt_BR
dc.type article pt_BR

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