Length-weight Relationships, Condition and Population Structure of the Genus Atlantoraja (Elasmobranchii, Rajidae, Arhynchobatinae) in Southeastern Brazilian Waters, SW Atlantic Ocean

Oddone, Maria Cristina; Amorim, Alberto Ferreira de


During the present study, 107 specimens of Atlantoraja castelnaui, 188 of A. platana, and 770 of A. cyclophora, were obtained by commercial vessels operating in Southeastern Brazil from March 2005 to April 2006. Males of A. castelnaui ranged from 17.9–111.0 cm and females from 17.4–116.0 cm total length. Males of A. platana ranged from 13.1–70.0 cm and females from 12.5–76.0 cm total length. Males of A. cyclophora ranged from 13.3–58.5 cm and females from 11.5–68.0 cm total length. Length-weight curves were sexually dimorphic in the three species. The analysis of the angular coeffcient (b) demonstrated that growth (in weight) in relation to length was allometric (b >3) in males of A. castelnaui and A. platana, while isometric (b = 3) in females of these species. Conversely, growth of A. cyclophora was isometric in males, while in females it was allometric (b >3). The condition factor varied signifcantly throughout the year only in females of A. castelnaui.

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