An analytical approach to the unified solution of kinetic equations in the rarefied gas dynamics. II. Heat transfer problems

Scherer, Caio Sarmento; Prolo Filho, João Francisco; Barichello, Liliane Basso


The ADO method, an analytical version of the discrete-ordinates method, is used here to solve a heat-transfer problem in a rarefied gas confined in a channel, as well as to solve a half-space problem in order to evaluate the temperature jump at the wall. This work is an extension of a previous work, devoted to flow problems, where the complete development of the solution, which is analytical in terms of the spatial variable, is presented in a way, such that, a wide class of kinetic models are considered, in an unified approach. A series of numerical results are showed and different simulations are used in order to establish a general comparative analysis based on this consistent set of results provided by the same methodology. In particular, numerical results for heat-flow profile, temperature and density perturbations are obtained for channels (walls), defined by different materials, on which different temperatures are imposed.

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