A virtual community under construction: beginning of an enchantment

Sato, Luciane Sayuri; Pereira, Débora Laurino; Maraschin, Cleci


In this paper we bring up some thoughts over a virtual environment generated in the Virtual World (Cibercidade-Sitecria/LEC-UFRGS/OEA) - Community coupling based on the epistemology of enchantment, where each participant (teacher, student and researcher) is an observer, an investigator, a learner in charge of constituting this space. Our analyses are based on the experience of two groups of students and teachers at the elementary level from public schools in Porto Alegre/RS and Novo Hamburgo/RS. The initial data collected indicate the constitution of a space of distinction by a living together. We “photographed” two moments where we analysed different manners of acting/”dwelling” (in) this space so as to create these distinctions. This process of self-organization makes us think of the emergence of a hybrid phenomenon, of the creation of an artifice a blend of human nature, culture and technique.

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