Nursing, environment and health conceptions: an ecosystemic approach of the collective health production in the primary care

Vaz, Marta Regina Cezar; Baisch, Ana Luiza Muccillo; Soares, Jorgana Fernanda de Souza; Weis, Alísia Helena; Costa, Valdecir Zavarese da; Soares, Maria Cristina Flores


The present study aimed to understand the meanings of the conceptual environment category, produced by nurses acting in the primary health care. A total of 30 nurses participated in the study. Data were collected through semi-directed interviews. The analysis was performed through the thematic method of the empirical meanings, based on the ecosystemic approach of work. The study showed the meanings of environment in the space limits of the human relations, whether they are produced at work, in the family scope or in the general community, in a transversal system that allows relationships of mutual exchange by the human condition itself in the society. Concluding, the development in the nursing area, in an ecosystemic approach of the human health, demands the construction of management strategies integrated to the environment for the promotion of health. The nursing science can be an ally in the construction of healthy and sustainable environments.

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