Lógica Fuzzy e Zoneamento ambiental da Bacia do Arroio Grande

Ruhoff, Anderson Luis; Souza, Bernardo Sayão Penna e; Giotto, Enio; Pereira, Rudiney Soares


Arroio Grande Watershed is located in Rio Grande do Sul and the objective from this paper was to elaborate a proposal of environmental zonning, starting from a process of environmental variables regionalization, with techniques of Fuzzy Sets. With the establishment of the importance factors (geology, slope, soils and land use and cover), a numeric raster was generated in a continuous space, which varies among [0... 1], or, it varies from 0 to 100%. Inside of this perspective, the watershed was classified in 5 classes of environmental risk, varying from areas with low susceptibility, moderate susceptibility and areas with high susceptibility, through which it can establish down some measured of environmental protection and implement studies of water resources management in watershed, as premised by the Fundo Setorial de Recursos Hídricos.

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