Phase diagram of the assymetric tetrahedral Ising-Heisenberg chain

Salvador, Juan Segundo Valverde; Santos, Onofre Rojas; Souza, Sergio Martins de


The asymmetric tetrahedron is composed of all edges of a tetrahedron represented by Ising interactions except for one, which has a Heisenberg-type interaction. This asymmetric tetrahedron is arranged by connecting a vertex whose edges are only Ising-type interactions to another vertex with the same structure for another tetrahedron. The process is replicated and this kind of lattice we call the asymmetric Ising–Heisenberg chain. We have studied the ground-state phase diagram for this kind of model. In particular, we consider two situations in the Heisenberg-type interaction: (i) the asymmetric tetrahedral spin-(1/2, 1/2) Ising-XYZ chain and (ii) the asymmetric tetrahedral spin-(1/2, 1) Ising-XXZ chain, where we have found a rich phase diagram and a number of multicritical points. Additionally we have also studied their thermodynamical properties and the correlation function, using the decorated transformation. We have mapped the asymmetric tetrahedral Ising–Heisenberg chain in an effective Ising chain, and we have also concluded that it is possible to evaluate the partition function including a longitudinal external magnetic field.

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