Two dimensional XXZ-Ising model on square-hexagon lattic

Valverde, Juan Segundo; Souza, Sergio Martins de; Santos, Onofre Rojas


We study a two-dimensional XXZ-Ising model on a square-hexagon denoted for simplicity by 4–6 lattice with spin 1/2. The phase diagram at zero temperature is discussed, where five states are found, two types of ferrimagnetic states, two types of antiferromagnetic states, and one ferromagnetic state. To solve this model, we have mapped onto the eight-vertex model with union Jack interaction term, and it was verified that the model cannot be completely mapped onto eight-vertex model. However, by imposing an exact solution condition, we have found the region where the XXZ-Ising model on 4–6 lattice is exactly soluble with one free parameter, particularly for the case of symmetric eight-vertex model condition. In this manner we have explored the properties of the system and have analyzed the interacting competition parameters which preserve the region where there is an exact solution. Unfortunately the present model does not satisfy the free férmion condition of the eight-vertex model, unless for a trivial solution. Even so, we are able to discuss the critical point region, beyond the region of exact resolvability.

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