A numerical study of the influence of temperature fluctuations in the thermal radiation field

Santos, Elizaldo Domingues dos; Galarça, Marcelo Moraes; Mossi, Anderson Chaves; Petry, Adriane Prisco; França, Francis Henrique Ramos


The present paper performs a numerical study of the influence of fluctuations on the temperature field over the thermal radiation field with the purpose to simulate the effect of Turbulence-Radiation Interactions (TRI). To evaluate the behavior of the divergence of the radiant heat flux for a flame in a cylindrical cavity, four temperature profiles are imposed: na average temperature profile and other three with 10%, 20% and 30% of turbulence intensity. The radiative transfer equation is solved using the discrete ordinates method (DOM) and the participating medium is treated as a gray gas. The results demonstrate that the fluctuations of temperature profiles increase significantly the mean divergence of the radiant heat flux in comparison with the average temperature profile, reaching to approximately 20% for the profile with 30% of turbulence intensity.

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