An adaption of OSA-CBM architecture for human-computer interaction through mixed interface

Espíndola, Danúbia Bueno; Fumagalli, Luca; Garetti, Marco; Botelho, Silvia Silva da Costa; Pereira, Carlos Eduardo


The technological advances in graphics processing have provided an emerging transformation in the methods of interaction and visualization computational systems. The possibility to access, to visualize and to understand the information in the right place at the right time has been the main focus of mixed reality research in industry applications. These technologies have provided a potential solution in industrial environment especially regarding the downtime reduction of critical equipment in condition based maintenance CBM systems. Currently, there are many studies and projects to increase their use in maintenance processes. However, there are few researches regarding the interaction of the "Human- Computer Interface” module with other modules of the maintenance OSA-CBM architecture (Open System Architecture for Condition Based Maintenance). Another significant aspect is that most studies do not address the issue of data management (different formats) in mixed environments. Thus, this paper proposes a methodology for management and visualization of information using mixed reality for interaction with all modules of the OSA-CBM architecture.

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