Distribution of saltmarsh plant communities associated with environmental factors along a latitudinal gradient on the south-west Atlantic coast

Isacch, Juan Pablo; Costa, César Serra Bonifácio; Rodríguez-Gallego, Lorena; Conde, Daniel; Escapa, Mauricio; Gagliardini, Domingo Antonio; Iribarne, Oscar Osvaldo


Aim To produce an inventory of south-west Atlantic saltmarshes (from latitude 31 48¢ S to 43 20¢ S) using remotely sensed images and field sampling; to quantify their total area; to describe the biogeographical variation of the main habitats characterized by dominant vascular plants, in relation to major environmental factors; to test the hypothesis of predominance of the reversal pattern in plant distribution (sedges and grasses dominate the lower, regularly inundated zones, while the upper zones are occupied by more halophytic species) previously described; and to compare these south-west Atlantic saltmarshes with others world-wide.

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