Análise Harmônica da temperatura superficial do mar no oeste do Atlântico Sul a partir de imagens AVHRR/NOAA

Teixeira, Carlos Eduardo Peres; Mata, Mauricio Magalhães


This study uses 8 years of weekly 9km AVHRR/NOAA Sea Surface Temperature images of the southwestern Atlantic Ocean to estimate the deterministic variability present in the dataset(seasonal, semi-annual, inter-annual). This is done through least-squares harmonic analysis with the main objective of removing this deterministic variability from the original data series in order to perform an optimal interpolation procedure in the remaining residuals. The optimal interpolation endeavors to fill in gaps caused by the cloud cover and, therefore, allow for a more comprehensive analysis of the intense mesoscale oceanographic phenomena present in the area. The results show that the annual signal dominates the area while the semi-annual appears to be negligible with the exception of the area close to the Brazil/Malvinas Confluence. In this area, both the semi-annual and inter-annual oscillations become important further supporting the need of better understand the dynamics of such complex region.

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