On interval fuzzy S-implications

Bedregal, Benjamín Callejas; Dimuro, Graçaliz Pereira; Santiago, Regivan Hugo Nunes; Reiser, Renata Hax Sander


This paper presents an analysis of interval-valued S-implications and interval-valued automorphisms, showing a way to obtain an interval-valued S-implication from two S-implications, such that the resulting interval-valued S-implication is said to be obtainable. Some consequences of that are: (1) the resulting interval-valued S-implication satisfies the correctness property, and (2) some important properties of usual S-implications are preserved by such interval representations. A relation between S-implications and interval-valued Simplications is outlined, showing that the action of an interval-valued automorphism on an interval-valued S-implication produces another interval-valued S-implication.

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