Ichthyoplankton distribution and abundance off southeastern and southern Brazil

Freitas, Débora Martins de; Muelbert, José Henrique


This study describes the distribution of fish eggs and larvae along the southeastern and southern Brazilian coast. Plankton samples were collected at 85 stations using a Bongo net, and water salinity and temperature were profiled with a CTD. Results showed that fish eggs and larvae, and zooplankton biovolume were distributed in coastal waters with mean temperature of 230C and salinity between 33 and 34. The largest egg abundance occurred along Iguape (24036’S) with a partial overlap with zooplankton biovolume and fish larvae were most abundant near shore close to Santos (240S). These protected coastal waters presented a surface layer with lower salinity and higher temperatures, while the bottom layer had cooler water. Ichthyoplankton abundance was low off Cabo Frio (22030’S), while a maximum in fish eggs occurred around Cabo Santa Marta Grande (280S).

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