Mercury pollution sources in sediments of Patos lagoon estuary, Southern Brazil

Mirlean, Nicolai; Andrus, Vlad; Baisch, Paulo Roberto Martins


Present study has continued the investigation on distribution of mercury in estuarine sediments of Patos Lagoon which began whilst assessing the after-effect of enormous accidental discharge of sulfuric acid into the estuary. An attempt to evaluate the contribution of anthropogenic effluents on mercury pollution in sediments was undertaken. The effluents from Rio Grande City sewages were categorized into four groups based on their sources. Comparison of mercury concentrations from those, indicated that domestic effluent was prevalent. Apparent geographic controls of effluent locations enriched in mercury on zones of polluted estuarine sediments were also revealed. Insufficient control on waste collecting and absence of sewage treatment are considered the principal causes of mercury pollution in estuarine sediments.

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