Resenha das investigações sobre o Ictioplâncton do estuário da Lagoa dos Patos, Brasil

Weiss, Graciela; Souza, José Afonso Feijó de


A short review on estuarine ichthyoplankton identification, description and growth is given. The need for qualitative, quantitative, horizontal and temporal distributions related to environmental factors, period and kind of spawning and fecundity of different species are discussed. Resulu of studies on Micropogonias fumieri, Brevoortia pectinata, Lycengraulis olidus, Achirus garmani and other suggest me necessity to sample fish larvae and juveniles at mid water, bottom and at the margin of the estuary. Further more, it would be of interest to extent and periodically survey the study area to the adjacent coastal waters, and the fresh water part of the Lagoon as well as the channels and tributaries.

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