Ovarian development of wild pink prawn Farfantepenaeus paulensis in the northern shore of Santa Catarina State, Brazil

Dumont, Luiz Felipe Cestari; D'Incao, Fernando; Santos, Roberta Aguiar dos; Maluche, Sonia; Rodrigues, Luis Fernando


The pink prawn (F. paulensis) is one of the most important fishery resources in SE/S Brazil and overexploitation has led to stock collapse in 90’s. The aim of this investigation was to apply histological techniques and gonadsomatic index (GSI) to validate macroscopic classification of ovaries from Farfantepenaeus paulensis, in attempt to provide a practical color standard to define maturity levels and biological information to properly manage this overexploited stock. Histological sections and GSI were used to validate macroscopic classification of ovaries. Four different development stages were suggested (immature, developing, ripe and spent). Mature oocytes present cortical rods and spent ovaries were characterized by atretic oocytes. Size frequency of oocytes were analyzed and polymodal distribution was observed, suggesting partial spawning in the wild. This investigation provided a practical scale to classify ovaries of F. paulensis as well as base information related to reproduction dynamics for this species.

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