Variação morfodinâmica diária da Praia do Cassino, RS, durante os verões de 2002/2003 no setor do terminal turístico

Pereira, Pedro de Souza; Calliari, Lauro Júlio


High frequency morphodynamic surveys permit to analyze, in detail, beach morphology changes. With the purpose to investigate daily beach profiles variability, surveys were carried during the summers of 2002 and 2003 at Cassino beach. Bar migration rate of 4,8m per day was found and berm development in 3 days, as well as high erosion in the first days of a storm followed by accretion in the final days of the event. This accretion was verified in other points toward the south of the monitored point; nevertheless, the material deposited was in form of fluid mud, highlighting the importance of a specific wave power band in the reworking of the mud deposits. The results found here show the existence of small changes in the sediment stock, not detected in previous works, which only related erosion episodes to meteorological systems.

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