Os cladocera da plataforma continental sudeste brasileira: distribuição, densidade e biomassa (inverno de 1995)

Muxagata, Erik; Montú, Mônica Adelina


The distribution, the specific and total density, and total biomass of the cladocera which were collected during the ECOSAR II cruise (prospect and evaluation of sardine biomassa on brazilian southeast coast through hydroacoustic methods) were studied. The samples were analysed and the biomass measured and expressed in wet weight values (www), dry weight values (DW)and ash-bird) allowed the recognition of thee water masses in the region: CW (coastal water), tw (tropical water) and SACW (south Atlantic Central Water). The specific and total density data as well as the total biomass were correlated with the water masses data. The shelf areas where a TW predominance was identified presented the total mean values of density and biomass; 4 cladocera m° and 0.017 mg m° AFDW respectively, the ares under the influence of CW presented the following mean values; 378 cladocera m° and 0, 675 mg m° AFDW increased 2,379 cladocera m° and 3267. mg m° Afdw. The values of density and AFDW increased toward the coast under the influence of cw (probably characterize by the great supply of nutrients). One of the higlights of this study was the introduction of new functional regression equations (GM)which were developed in order to calculate biomass using density data and vice versa. Such calculations were based exclusively on winter data regarding the studied area.

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