Larval distribution of Libinia spinosa Milne-Edwards, 1834 (Decapoda, Brachyura, Majidae) off Southern Brazil

Hereu, Clara María; Calazans, Danilo Koetz de


Larval distribution and abundance of libinia spinosa(Milne Edwards 1834) were studied in southern Brazilian coastal waters from plankton sample taken during two seasonal surveys. Larvac were present during all seasons with abundance peaks in spring and summer. Highest seasonal abundance(ind./100m³) were 515 in summer, 56 in spring, 19 in autumn and in winter. First zoeal stage larvae were abundant nearshore, indicating recent spwning activity in coastal water. The co-occurrence of the second zoeal stage and the megalopa in the same region of hatching, and scarcity in offshore samples suggests that larval dispersion of Libinia Spinosa is low and that this species shares a common hatching and recruitment area, Both larval stages and megalopa were restricted to the inner shelf up to 50 m isobath within the area of major Coastal Water influence, were zooplakton biomass wass higth.

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