Esporotricose experimental sistêmica em ratos wistar: avaliação hematológica e perfil hepático

Meinerz, Ana Raquel Mano; Antunes, Tatiana de Ávila; Silva, Flavio Vasconcelos; Xavier, Melissa Orzechowski; Cleff, Marlete Brum; Meireles, Mario Carlos Araujo


Alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and alkaline phosphatase (AP) hepatic enzymes,hematological values, and total plasmatic proteins (TPP) of 12 Wistar rats with systemic experimental sporotrichosis were evaluated. Inoculation was performed at 2x103 cells of S. schenckii/ml. The values ranged from 35 to 48UI/l for ALT and 67 to 251.3UI/l for AP. Fifty percent of the AP values were above the physiological limits. TPP was elevated in 66.7% (8/12) of the rats with values varying from 7.9 to 8.5g%. In 75% (9/12) of the animals, it was observed that hemoglobin and red blood cells count were below the physiologic limits, and 8.3% (1/12) of the animals showed anemia masked by dehydration. At the necropsy, it was observed local and/or disseminated nodular lesions. At the histological analysis, cells compatible to S. schenckii were found. The observed alterations are aggravating factors for the recurrence and treatment of the mycosis.

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