Atividade inibitória do óleo essencial de orégano em fungos de importância médica e veterinária

Cleff, Marlete Brum; Meinerz, Ana Raquel Mano; Faria, Renata Osório de; Xavier, Melissa Orzechowski; Santin, Rosema; Nascente, Patrícia da Silva; Rodrigues, Maria Regina Alves; Meireles, Mario Carlos Araujo


The in vitro activity of Origanum vulgare essential oil against fungal isolates was evaluated. A total of 27 clinical isolates were used, including: C. albicans, S. schenckii, M. pachydermatis, Aspergillus flavus, and A. fumigatus. Microdilution in broth technique (NCCLS M27-A2 and M-38) was used and susceptibility was expressed as Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC). Essential oil was obtained by hydrodistillation in Clevenger and analyzed by gas chromatography, showing the presence of 4-terpineol, alpha-terpineol, 4-terpinene, thymol and carvacrol, as the main compounds. Origanum oil MIC for C. albicans varied from 125 to 500μL/mL; for S. schenckii, from 250 to 500μL/mL; for M. pachydermatis, from 15 to 30μL/mL; and for Aspergillus, from 30 to 60L/mL. Isolates sensitivity showed to the origanum oil stimulates the accomplishment of new studies, including in vivo tests, contributing to the search of alternative treatments to mycosis.

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