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dc.identifier.citation NIENCHESKI, Luis Felipe Hax, et al. Submarine groundwater discharge of nutrients to the ocean along a coastal lagoon barrier, Southern Brazil. Marine Chemistry, v. 106, p. 546-561, 2007. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 10 jul. 2012. pt_BR
dc.description.abstract The Patos–Mirim Lagoon system along the southern coast of Brazil is linked to the coastal ocean by a narrow mouth and by groundwater transport through a Holocene barrier. Although other groundwater systems are apparently active in this region, the hydraulic head of the lagoon, the largest in South America, drives groundwater transport to the coast. Water levels in wells placed in the barrier respond to changing water level in the lagoon. The wells also provide a measure of the nutrient concentrations of groundwater flowing toward the ocean. Additionally, temporary well points were used to obtain nutrient samples in groundwater on the beach face of the barrier. These samples revealed a subterranean freshwater–seawater mixing zone over a ca. 240 km shoreline. Previously published results of radium isotopic analyses of groundwater and of surface water from cross-shelf transects were used to estimate a water flux of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) to nearshore surface waters of 8.5×107 m3/day. Using this SGD and the nutrient concentrations in different compartments, nutrient fluxes between groundwater and surface water were estimated. Fluxes were computed using both average and median reservoir (i.e. groundwater and surface water) nutrient concentrations. The SGD total dissolved inorganic nitrogen, phosphate and silicate fluxes (2.42, 0.52, 5.92×106 mol day− 1, respectively) may represent as much as 55% (total N) to 10% (Si) of the nutrient fluxes to the adjacent shelf environment. Assuming nitrogen limitation, SGD may be capable of supporting a production rate of ca. 3000 g C m2 year− 1in the nearshore surf zone in this region. pt_BR
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dc.rights open access pt_BR
dc.subject Nutrients pt_BR
dc.subject SGD pt_BR
dc.subject Groundwater pt_BR
dc.subject Coastal pt_BR
dc.subject Marine pt_BR
dc.subject Brazil pt_BR
dc.subject S. Atlantic Ocean pt_BR
dc.title Submarine groundwater discharge of nutrients to the ocean along a coastal lagoon barrier, Southern Brazil pt_BR
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