Memory retrieval and its lasting consequenses

Izquierdo, Ivan Antônio; Vianna, Mônica Ryff Moreira Roca; Izquierdo, Luciana Adriana; Barros, Daniela Marti; Szapiro, German; Coitinho, Adriana Simon; Muller, Lionel; Cammarota, Martín Pablo; Bevilaqua, Lia Rejane Muller; Medina, Jorge Horacio


Many, if not all psychiatric diseases are accompanied by memory disturbances, in particular, the dementias, schizophrenia, and, to an extent, mood disorders. Anxiety and stress, on the other hand, cause important alterations of memory, particularly its retrieval. Here we discuss several new findings on the basic mechanisms of consolidation, retrieval and extinction of a prototype form of episodic memory in the rat: conditioned fear. The findings point the way for investigations on the pathology of these aspects of memory in health and disease. Emphasis is placed on the parallel processing Of retrieval in several cortical areas, on the links between retrieval and the onset of extinction, on the fact that extinction involves new learning requiring gene expression, and on the differences between the retrieval of recent or remote long-term memories.

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