Experimental Study of Oil Impact and Its Consequences upon Benthic Macrofauna in the Estuary of Patos Lagoon (RS-Brazil)

Gandra, Michel Steinmetz; Bemvenuti, Carlos Emílio; Angonesi, Luciana Garcia


Petroleum, a fossil fuel of great signification for world economy, represents a serious environmental problem, due to its frequent introduction, not only because of its large-scale transportation but also its broad industrial use. The present study describes the effects of oil upon benthic macroinvertebrates through a simulation of an oil spill. The study was developed along 5 months in a shallow-water portion of the estuary of Patos Lagoon (RS-Brazil). Evidence of detrimental oil effect was found upon the crustaceans , ., and . The polychaetes , and did not suffer oil influence. Sinelobus stanfordi Kupellonura sp Sphaeromopsis mourei Kalliapseudes schubartii Laeonereis acuta Nephtys fluviatilis Heteromastus similes

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