Aquatic macrophytes of six subtropical shallow lakes, Rio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Pereira, Sabrina Amaral; Trindade, Claudio Rossano Trindade; Albertoni, Edélti Faria; Silva, Cleber Palma


The aim of this study was to document the richness of aquatic macrophytes in six shallow lakes at Federal University of Rio Grande - FURG, Rio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Qualitative surveys were carried out during 2008. Specimens were deposited at the university herbarium (HURG). We recorded 44 species belonging to 35 genera and 21 families. The majority of species were present all year. The family with highest diversity was Cyperaceae (eight species). Other studies have reported approximately 170 species for wetlands in the south of Brazil. This study documented approximately 25% of these species. The flora of the area should be preserved and monitored.

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