Pugilina morio L., a new imposex exhibitor from south american estuarine environments: approach for a non-lethal method to evaluate imposex

Azevedo, Deyse de; Rocha-Barreira, Cristina de Almeida; Matthews-Cascon, Helena; Castro, Ítalo Braga de


This is the first report on imposex occurrence in Pugilina morio. Imposex levels in P. morio from Ceara River Estuary were assessed by a non-lethal method. The obtained imposex parameters were: percentage = 37.1 %, female penis length index (FPLI) = 0.93 mm, relative penis length index (RPLI) = 6.5 %, and vas deferens sequence index (VDSI) = 1.0. Because imposex is induced by tributyltin, and P. morio is widely distributed on the East coast of South America, the species can be used as a tributyltin contamination sentinel in these estuaries. Additionally, a non-lethal method of evaluating imposex minimized the impact on the population of P. morio from sample collection, as all organisms were returned to the environment.

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