Effect of chemical freeze-out on identified particle spectra at 200A GeV Au-Au collisions at RHIC using SPheRIO

Qiam, Wei-Liang; Andrade, Rone Peterson Galvão de; Grassi, Frédérico; Socolowski Junior, Otavio; Kodama, Takeshi; Rama, Yogiro


We investigate the effect of chemical freeze-out on identified particle spectra at 200AGeV Au-Au Collisions at RHIC, by utilizing a full three-dimensional hydrodynamical calculation. The hydrodynamical code SPheRIO we employed is based on the smoothed particle hydrodynamic algorithm. In order to describe the spectra of strange hadrons, the code has been further improved by explicitly incorporating the strangeness conservation and a chemical freeze-out mechanism. In our model, strange hadrons such as , , and undergo the chemical freeze-out immediately after the hadronization, and their multiplicitiesare fixed thereafter. At a lower temperature the thermal freeze-out takes place for all the particles. It is shown that the present model provides a reasonably good description for the spectra of identified particles, in particular, considerable improvement is observed for those of strange hadrons.

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