Squeezed particle-antiparticle correlations

Padula, Sandra dos Santos; Dudek, Danuce Marcele; Socolowski Junior, Otavio


A novel type of correlation involving particle-antiparticle pairs was found out in the 1990’s. Currently known as squeezed or Back-to-Back Correlations (BBC), they should be present if the hadronic masses are modified in the hot and dense medium formed in high energy heavy ion collisions. Although well-established theoretically, such hadronic correlations have not yet been observed experimentally. In this phenomenological study we suggest a promising way to search for the BBC signal, by looking into the squeezed correlation function of and K+K− pairs at RHIC energies, as function of the pair average momentum, K12=(k1 + k2)/2. The effects of in-medium mass-shift on the identical particle correlations (Hanbury-Brown & Twiss effect) are also discussed.

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