An XX/XY sex chromosome system in a fish species, Hoplias malabaricus, with a polymorphic NOR-bearing X chromosome

Born, Guassenir Gonçalves; Bertollo, Luiz Antonio Carlos


Cytogenetic studies were carried out in the fish, Hoplias malabaricus, from the Parque Florestal do Rio Doce (Brazil). This population is characterized by 2n 42 chromosomes for both males and females and an XX/XY sex chromosome system, confirmed through several banding methods. Females show 24 metacentric, 16 submetacentric and 2 subtelocentric chromosomes. Males show 24 metacentric, 17 submetacentric and 1 subtelocentric chromosomes. While the X chromosome is easily recognized (the only subtelocentric element), the Y chromosome is somewhat dificult to identify but appears to correspond to the smallest submetacentric in the male karyotype. In-situ hybridization with an 18S rDNA probe showed 10 well-labeled chromosomes, including the X chromosome. The 5S rDNA is interstitially located in a single metacentric pair independent of the 18S rDNA sites. The NOR on the X chromosome is always active and occurs adjacent to a heterochromatic distal segment on the long arm. Variations in size of the NORs and/or heterochromatic segment correspond to a polymorphic size condition observed in the X chromosome. The present results confirm the XX/XY sex chromosome system in the population analyzed as well as a new cytotype in the Hoplias malabaricus group.

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