Inheritance and Linkage Relationships of Isozyme Variants of Ilex paraguariensis St. Hil.

Santos, Elisa Caroline da Silva; Wendt, Simone Neumann; Sousa, Valderês Aparecida de; Sebbenn, Alexandre Magno; Sturion, José Alfredo; Luiz, Felipe; Quoirin, Marguerite


Eighteen enzyme systems were examined in Ilex paraguariensis St. Hil. using starch gel electrophoresis. Seven out of 12 active isozyme systems revealed one or more polymorphic loci (PGI, GOT, MR, G-6PDH, MDH, NDH, and 6- PGDH). However, the segregation and linkage analyses were performed only for PGI, GOT, G-6PDH and 6-PGDH systems. Gene segregation at these loci was regular, except for a few trees that showed segregation distortion. Weak linkage disequilibrium between loci was detected, but it was not enough to influence the multilocus estimate.

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