Show simple item record Gonçalves, Carjone Rosa Cunha, Raquel Wigg Barros, Daniela Marti Martínez, Pablo Elías 2010-12-30T13:39:27Z 2010-12-30T13:39:27Z 2010
dc.identifier.citation GONÇALVES, Carjone Rosa et al. Effects of prenatal and postnatal exposure to a low dose of bisphenol A on behavior and memory in rats. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology, v. 30, p. 195-201, 2010. Disponível em: <>. Acessado em: 30 dez. 2010. pt_BR
dc.identifier.issn 1382-6689
dc.description.abstract Endocrine disruptors (EDs) are increasingly common chemicals in the environment. Bisphenol A (BPA), used to manufacture polycarbonate plastics, is an ED recognized for its estrogenic, anti-estrogenic, and anti-androgenic effects. Behavior is considered a vital characteristic for an animal’s life cycle. This study evaluated the effect of exposure to lowdoses of BPA during pregnancy and/or lactation on several aspects of rat behavior, including memory, locomotion, and the exploratory instinct. Pups at 16 weeks of age (females andmales)were divided into groups according to themother’s exposure to BPA (40g/kg/day): CON(vehicle only); PRE (during pregnancy); LAC (during lactation); PRE-LAC (during both pregnancy and lactation). In the PRE-LAC group, exposure to BPA impaired both short-term (STM) and long-term mem-ory (LTM) in inhibitory avoidance and the object recognition task, and also affected locomotor activity and spatial memory. Some sex-specific behavioral characteristics disappeared in the LAC group. Sex-specific memory and behavior impairment were caused by BPA exposure during brain organogenesis and differentiation. pt_BR
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dc.subject Rat pt_BR
dc.subject Endocrine disruptors pt_BR
dc.subject Bisphenol A pt_BR
dc.subject Behavior pt_BR
dc.title Effects of prenatal and postnatal exposure to a low dose of bisphenol A on behavior and memory in rats pt_BR
dc.type article pt_BR

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