Propagação da poluição atmosférica por flúor nas águas subterrâneas e solos de regiões próximas às indústrias de fertilizantes (Rio Grande, RS)

Mirlean, Nicolai; Casartelli, Maria Regina de Oliveira; Garcia, Marina Reback Domingues


Fluoride concentration was determined in rainwater, ground water and soil in the zone of fertilizer industry in the city of Rio Grande. In contaminated rainwater fluorine concentration was registered up to the value of 4,4 mg.L-1. Fluorine concentration in the shallow ground water in general reflects its distribution in the atmosphere, but cannot be used as marker of atmosphere contamination in the urban area due to dissolving influence of residential effluents. The 0,01% HCl extracts from the set of surface soil samples demonstrates fluoride distribution in the zone of influence of industrial emissions, which coincides to the numerical simulation of fluorides dispersion in the air.

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