An evaluation of progress in implementing ecosystem-based management of fisheries in 33 countries.

Pitcher, Tony J.; Kalikoski, Daniela Coswig; Short, Katherine; Varkey, Divya; Pramod, Ganapathiraju


The performance of 33 countries was evaluated for ecosystem-based management (EBM) of fisheries in three fields (principles, criteria and implementation) using quantitative ordination including uncertainty. No country rated overall as ‘good’, only four countries were ‘adequate’, while over half received ‘fail’ grades. A few developing countries performed better than many developed nations. Two case studies test the method. In Indonesia, Raja Ampat and Papua, rated similar to the national evaluation, but better performance might follow successful implementation of a planned EBM initiative. A workshop in Australia rated regional fisheries managed by New South Wales 20% lower for EBM than federally managed fisheries.

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