Myxobolus sp. can cause in vivo myoliquefaction in the host Paralichthys orbignyanus (Osteichthyes, Paralichthydae)

Garcia, Carlos Alberto Eiras; Pereira Junior, Joaber; Sampaio, Luis Alberto; Robaldo, Ricardo Berteaux; Abreu, Paulo Cesar Oliveira Vergne de


We found intense myoliquefaction in vivo among specimens of wild and farmed South American flatfish Paralichthys orbignyanus Valenciennes, 1839. The soft flesh condition was attributed to Myxobolus sp. since the fish were not infected by myxosporeans which are usually associated with this condition (Kudoa spp.), and other causes (bacteria, fungi) were not found. The histopathology of the infection is described.

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