Shrimp Farming as an Alternative to Artisanal Fishermen Communities: the Case of Patos Lagoon, Brazil

Cavalli, Ronaldo Olivera; Wasielesky Junior, Wilson Francisco Britto; Peixoto, Silvio Ricardo Maurano; Poersch, Luís Henrique da Silva; Santos, Marcos Henrique Silva; Soares, Roberta Borda


The shrimp Farfantepenaeus paulensis is considered a suitable species for culture in the Patos Lagoon estuary, southern Brazil, where its catch has been decreasing in the last few years. Considering the potential of estuarine areas for shrimp farming, the application of low-cost structures to culture shrimp, such as the pen enclosures, is being proposed as an alternative source of income for artisanal fishermen and farmers living near Patos Lagoon. From an economical standpoint, these alternative systems present several advantages over the traditional pond-based culture systems since land, water pumping and artificial aerations are not required, high natural productivity is available and inexpensive materials are employed in the construction of grow-out structures. This paper reviews the farming of F. paulensis in the pen enclosures as an alternative to the artisanal fishing communities of the Patos Lagoon estuary. Particular emphases are placed on the development of culture systems, social and environmental impacts, constraints and perspectives.

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