Larval body size–mass relationships of barnacles common to the english channel coast of the UK

Muxagata, Erik; Williams, John Alfred


The study presents dry mass and body measurements of the larval stages of five common barnacle species occurring in mesozooplankton catches of Southampton Water and the central Solent area of the south coast of the UK. Quantitative samples were collected with conventional 120-mm mesh plankton nets. Species-specific regression equations relating carapace width and total length with dry mass were obtained for stage II to stage VI nauplii and cyprids of Austrominius modestus, Amphibalanus improvisus, Balanus crenatus, Semibalanus balanoides and Verruca stroemia. Width–dry mass and length–dry mass regressions obtained in the present study accounted for more than 98% of the variability for naupliar stages, and length–dry mass for 80% of the variability for cyprids. The dry mass of barnacle larvae predicted from carapace width equations determined here differed by only –6% from the measured dry masses of an independent data set, suggesting these first-reported equations of barnacle larvae are useful additions to zooplankton production studies.

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