Seasonal larval composition and abundance of shrimps in the surrounding area of the Patos Laggon Mouth

Calazans, Danilo Koetz de


Larval phases of seven species of shrimps were found in the surrounding area of the Patos Lagoon mouth. Zooplankton and hydrographic sample in four seasonal cruises were undertaken between November 1982 and August 1983 in the coastal marine area around the Patos Lagoon mouth. Seasonal species composition andntheir abundance were compared showing variations according to the season. Artemesia Longinaris and Pleoticus muelleri were well represented throughout the year; Acetes americanus was present during summer and autumn; Sicyonia typica only during autumn; Lucifer faxoni during summer and autumn; Peisos petrunkevitchi during autumn, winter and spring and Farfantepenaeus paulensis during spring and summer.

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