Use of commercial live feeds enrichment during first feeding period of the barber goby Elacatinus figaro

Shei, Marcelo Roberto Pereira; Rodrigues, Ricardo Vieira; Sampaio, Luís André Nassr de


The first feeding period is the most critical phase for the production of marine fish larvae. The utilization of n-3 HUFA enrichment on live feed has improved the results for several species during the larviculture. To evaluate the effect of n-3 HUFA enrichment on survival and growth of the barber goby Elacatinus figaro Sazima, Moura & Rosa, 1997, newly hatched larvae were divided in two experimental groups(200 larvae per group, with two replicates each). One group was fed on non-enriched rotifers Brachionus plicatilis and the other group was fed with n-3 HUFA enriched rotifers. After 14 days of experiment, survival of larvae fed n-3 HUFA enriched rotifers was three times higher (35.7 ± 3.1%) than those fed non-enriched rotifers (11.1 ± 5.2 %), however this difference was not significant. Growth was faster for larvae fed n-3 HUFA enriched rotifers after the first week of life, but at the end of 14 days, it was no longer significantly different between the two groups(6.09 ± 0.62 and 5.69 ± 0.66 mm). The results of this experiment suggest that barber goby should be fed n-3 HUFA enriched rotifer in order to maximize juvenile production.

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