Feeding Habits of Capybaras (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris, Linnaeus 1766), in the Ecological Reserve of Taim (ESEC - Taim) - south of Brazil

Borges, Lucélia do Valle; Colares, Ioni Gonçalves


The aim of this study was to determine feeding habitats of capybaras in the ESEC-Taim (RS, Brazil), using microhistological analyses of feces. Data were analyzed seasonally. In 172 samples analyzed, 17 species were identified, with predominance of Poaceae. Zizaniopsis bonariensis was the most frequent species in winter (38%), spring (32%) and summer (26.5%) and Paspalum disthichum in fall (31.5%). A observed increase in vegetation consumption during summer might be due to the food quality. Capybaras showed an opportunistic behavior in the winter and summer and a more selective behavior in spring and fall. Capybaras from the ESEC-Taim varied diet according to the season and alimentary availability.

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