Diversity and morphology of Skeletonema species in southern Brazil, Southwestern Atlantic Ocean

Bergesch, Marli; Garcia, Marinês; Odebrecht, Clarisse


We examined the morphology of Skeletonema species occurring in coastal waters of southern Brazil, on the basis of LM, SEM, and TEM analyses of six isolated strains and of 13 field samples from the Patos Lagoon estuary and the adjacent Cassino Beach. We concluded that the genus Skeletonema is highly diverse in coastal waters of southern Brazil, with the occurrence of four confirmed species: S. costatum, S. pseudocostatum, S. potamos, and S. tropicum. In addition, EM details must still be provided for S. menzelii, and genetic studies should be conducted to confirm the identity of S. cf. grethae and S. subsalsum. The high diversity in this geographic area can be attributed to the proximity of the Subtropical Convergence and to the freshwater ecosystems of Patos Lagoon and La Plata River that favor the presence of warm-, cold-, and brackish-water species.

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