Feeding rhythms and diet of Farfantepenaeus paulensis under pen culture in Patos Lagoon estuary, Brazil

Soares, Roberta Borda; Peixoto, Silvio Ricardo Maurano; Wasielesky Junior, Wilson Francisco Britto; D'Incao, Fernando


The feeding habits of Farfantepenaeus paulensis under pen culture in the Patos Lagoon estuary (Brazil) were studied. A total of 1074 shrimp had their stomach contents analyzed. Samples were taken bi-hourly over a 24 h period at about 10 day intervals during 2 months. F. paulensis did not exhibit strict feeding periodicity (except at D21–22 and D32–33). Thus, the offering of feed pellets during daylight is recommended but the rates of feeding must be further investigated. F. paulensis showed an omnivorous feeding behavior. Despite daily supply of feed pellets, natural food comprised the major part of the shrimp stomach contents. Among prey organisms, polychaetes and tanaids were the main groups recorded. Consumption of detritus and plant material decreased as shrimp grew. Intake of feed pellets increased significantly in the second month of culture (i.e. 5 g mean shrimp weight), thus it might be possible to reduce the initial input of commercial feed.

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