Effect of different food items on the survival and growth of Farfantepenaeus paulensis (Pérez-Farfante 1967) postlarvae

Soares, Roberta Borda; Peixoto, Silvio Ricardo Maurano; Wasielesky Junior, Wilson Francisco Britto; D'Incao, Fernando


The effect of different food items on growth and survival was assessed in four feeding experiments conducted consecutively using distinct Farfantepenaeus paulensis (Pérez-Farfante) postlarval growing stages: (1) PL1–PL4 (i.e. from postlarvae 1-day old to postlarvae 4 days old); and (2) PL4–PL10; (3) PL10–PL18 and (4) PL18–PL30. For each trial, 10 feeding treatments were tested in triplicate: Unf, unfed shrimp; Tt, Tetraselmis chuii; Ch, Chaetoceros calcitrans; C, commercial diet; AC, decapsulated Artemia cysts; C+Ph, commercial diet and phytoplankton combination; FA, frozen Artemia nauplii; A, live Artemia nauplii; A+Ph, Artemia nauplii and phytoplankton combination and Mix, mixture of phytoplankton, live Artemia nauplii and commercial diet. Postlarvae feed phytoplankton (i.e. Tt or Ch) exclusively exhibited low growth and survival. The best results for growth and survival were observed in the A, A+Ph and Mix treatments. Frozen Artemia nauplii was found to be suitable for younger postlarvae (PL1–10), whereas AC may be offered from PL4 to PL30. In general, the present findings indicated that even at an early postlarval stage, F. paulensis presents a high degree of carnivory, and a diet containing Artemia is recommended.

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