Growth of Ligia exotica (Isopoda: Oniscidea: Ligiidae) in two estuarine regions of Patos Lagoon, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Leitzke, Elis Regina Lopes; Dumont, Luiz Felipe Cestari; D'Incao, Fernando


The aim of this study was to estimate growth parameters of two populations of Ligia exotica inhabiting discrete estuarine areas of Patos Lagoon, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Sampling was performed fortnightly at two different estuarine zones,named Leonideo Island and West Breakwater, to detect different growth patterns for this species by using the von Bertalanffy growth model (VBGM). The VBGM estimated were as follows: TLmm ¼ 34.57 (1 2e 20.012(t 2 2.93) ) (males in Leonideo Island), TLmm ¼ 5.61(12e 20.009(t 2 5.87)) (males in West reakwater), TLmm ¼ 30.11(12e 20.009(t 2 5.84)) (females in Leonideo Island) and TLmm ¼ 29.65(1 2 e 20.01(t 2 4.87)). Significant sexual dimorphism was observed, since males reach larger TL (mm) by higher k value (day) and consequently a faster growth pattern. Different growth patterns of males were also detected comparing both populations, in such a way that the West Breakwater individuals are larger than those from the Leonideo Island. One possible explanation is the higher food availability observed in the former site, as well as favourable environmental parameters, providing better conditions for individual growth. Briefly, two different populations of L. exotica were detected in the studied area, presenting discrete growth parameters highly influenced by environmental factors.

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