Xor-Implications and E-implications: classes of fuzzy implications based on fuzzy Xor

Bedregal, Benjamín Callejas; Reiser, Renata Hax Sander; Dimuro, Graçaliz Pereira


The main contribution of this paper is to introduce an autonomous definition of the connective “fuzzy exclusive or” (fuzzy Xor, for short), which is independent from others connectives. Also, two canonical definitions of the connective Xor are obtained from the composition of fuzzy connectives, and based on the commutative and associative properties related to the notions of triangular norms, triangular conorms and fuzzy negations. We show that the main properties of the classical connective Xor are preserved by the connective fuzzy Xor, and, therefore, this new definition of the connective fuzzy Xor extends the related classical approach. The definitions of fuzzy Xor-implications and fuzzy E-implications, induced by the fuzzy Xor connective, are also studied, and their main properties are analyzed. The relationships between the fuzzy Xor-implications and the fuzzy E-implications with automorphisms are explored.

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