An immersive and collaborative visualization system for digital manufacturing

Duarte Filho, Nelson Lopes; Botelho, Silvia Silva da Costa; Carvalho, Jônata Tyska; Marcos, Pedro de Botelho; Maffei, Renan de Queiroz; Oliveira, Rodrigo Remor; Oliveira, Rodrigo Ruas; Hax, Vinícius Alves


In this paper, an approach on immersive multiprojection visualization of manufacturing processes is proposed. It admits scenarios with dynamic components and allows virtual reality collaborative visualization among geographically distributed users through multi-CAVE devices. A set of modules for modeling, converting, visualizing, and interacting are also proposed. The method can be applied to CAD projects, models, and simulations used in industry. The ideas discussed are then validated through the study of a real case related to the shipbuilding and offshore industries.

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